Pinhole Camera Exposure Calculator

An IOS app that calculates the correct exposure for a pinhole camera.

IOS: pop-up-pinhole-exposure-calculator

The Pop-Up Pinhole Co. website

Aventur Wealth pre-sales App

Aventur Wealth needed a pre-sales app to explain financial options to clients. The app is a web app, entirely created in HTML5 and is installed on iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro platforms.

Aventur Wealth website

Energy saving calculator

Calculator that shows how much money can be saved by using low-energy bulbs.

IOS: Low Energy Calculator

Low Energy Supermarket website


Application on IOS to control a  sophisticated lighting installation using Bluetooth.

inklighting app

Inklighting website


Application on IOS and Android for children’s potty training.

IOS: Potty Training App

Android: Potty Training App

Potty Training Academy website

POP The Question

An IOS app to help you make a proposal!

POP The Question Facebook

Presales private applications

Pre-sales iPad application, one of three, produced with extensive animation in multiple languages.

Exhibition displays

Private application on iPad and Windows tablets for exhibition spaces.

Children’s eyesight test

Kay Pictures Say and Match App