If you’re looking for an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch application, or a basic website then you’re in the right place.



Bespoke App development for public or private deployment.



Bespoke App development for public or private deployment.


Apple Watch

Bespoke App development for public or private deployment.


Web & Web-App

Basic websites, responsive for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Web apps for cross-platform deployment.


Who made this app?!


I specialise in building Apps for Apple products and basic websites.

My clients appreciate the care that I take with their projects and it’s important that the applications that I make suit my clients business and meet their brief and, if possible, exceed it.

My customers always get an honest appraisal of their projects and I do everything to work with them to get the best possible result.

The scope of my experience ranges from large scheduling systems with thousands of users, online campaign projects (with close on a million sign-ups), to iPhone apps for individuals.

Get in touch.

If you have a great idea you’d like to turn into an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch application, then get in touch. I’m always happy to discuss potential projects and even if  the timescales or budget don’t fit

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Technology can be complicated but we don’t expect clients to be experts in Information Technology. If clients are technically aware then it can be helpful, but there’s no requirement for technical knowledge for a project to be successful.

If you’re interested in the technology stack that I use, you can find out more below.

Native Applications

Native IOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) applications have full access to the capabilities of the device. Development requires an Apple developer licence and most often my clients use their own development licence so apps are published in their name.

Native applications require Apple approval and there can be a delay before Apple approves or rejects an application.

Web Applications

Web applications don’t use the proprietary development systems and don’t need to be distributed via proprietary web stores - this can save on release time and licensing and development costs.

Although web applications use the same or similar technologies to websites, they don’t necessarily require an active internet connection to function.

Users can install a web-app directly from a web page and have an app that can be run from an icon on their phone or tablet.

Apple Mobile

As an Apple developer most of my IOS projects are made using Objective-C or Swift.

If the project is animation heavy I might use Adobe Air technology - particularly on iPad, since it incorporates facilities for sophisticated timeline animation - beneficial for some projects.

Another technology for Apple mobile is the Web App, which may be suitable for some applications.

Adobe Air for Mobile

Adobe Air is a mature technology allowing sophisticated apps to be built with complex animation.

I have used this technology for several Apps deployed privately by corporates on the iPad in a pre-sales scenario or for exhibition stands.


I build basic websites for customers using HTML 5 and responsive design.